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What's New
  • v 0.3.0 (2005-11-27)
    first release
  • v 0.2.9b (2005-11-03)
    beta version, based upon NsmConText 0.2.5


Advanced HTML source editing, Tidy and ASP/JSP/PHP support for Nvu.

HandCoder Tidy

Advanced HTML source edition

  • edit the current page with an external text editor:
    • link Nvu to your favorite editor: ConTEXT, PSPad, SciTE, Vim, Emacs...
    • HandCoder watches for file modifications, so you can edit your pages in WYSIWYG and text mode simultaneously
  • auto-reformat your code with html Tidy:
    • let Tidy properly indent and cleanup your code
    • replace <br /> by CR/LF in your <pre> nodes
    • replace local URLs (file:///) by relative URLs in your document
  • keyboard shortcuts: [F5], [F6], [F7]
tag-asp.gif tag-jsp.gif tag-php.gif

Better ASP/JSP/PHP support

  • preview current page and server scripts in HTTP mode
  • resizable "Insert PHP code" window ;-)
  • in progress (experimental):
    • WYSIWYG edition of ASP/JSP/PHP templates
    • WYSIWYG edition of code fragments

Struct Toolbar ā la DreamWeaver

  • "id" and "class" attributes can be displayed in the struct toolbar
  • other attributes can be shown in a tooltip


Note: If you want to add an area for user feedback to any of your pages, take a look at the notes.html template.

The handcoder project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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